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Your unique Content Management System

Have you ever wanted a website that you can manage by yourself, update anything you like, from PDF documents to images, even flashes, videos or any multimedia? liteVision content management systems are online user-friendly interface that will satisfy all above.

The most important thing is we customise the system to your specific needs. This helps you stay away from all the complicated features of pre-built enterprise management system that suppose to be easy to use but is actually overwhelming. Above all is reducing your cost while eliminating redundant features. Consider more than 80 hours trying to get Joomla worked as opposed to having fun managing your contents!

CMS allows you to manage the website contents independently with the development process. This is the renovation of website management. Since the system is online, you can edit your website anywhere, anytime. The quicker you get the contents published, the earlier value they create.

liteVision understands your expectations in managing a website, so our content management system masters in practices and is more efficient site management. This will maximise your productivity.

Our CMS advantages:

  • Fully customised (meeting and detailed analysis will be carried out): At liteVision, our unique CMS is fully customised to suit your needs, enables ultimate potential presentation on your website, even creates extra pages and forms.
  • Focusing on important parts and eliminating obsolete functions: that usually exists in pre-built enterprise management systems.
  • Hassle free, and user-friendly: Designed with non-technical content authors in mind, your staffs with limited knowledge of document processing can create the contents directly, no programming knowledge needed.
  • High compatibility: our system works seamlessly with typing documents, spreadsheets, PDFs and images and you will manage your website at your own pace and style.
  • Highly secured and extendable: advanced CMS of liteVision will allow you to control who can see and publish contents, prepare and set a go live date.

If you would like to learn more and find out how we can help you manage your website yourself, give us a call today.

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