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There are lots of great websites on the Internet but what is the use of having a great website when no one knows about it or can find it. The fact is all internet users have found what they need after a few clicks on major search engines.

SEO is extremely important to introduce your website to the world, this is also the first essential step to promote your website. SEO sounds like a challenging task at the first glance. However, you will be surprised at how effectively liteVision organises and simplifies the process for you. Our procedure involves the standard and customised steps based on your own business:

  • Keyword research and selection - We will analyse and provide you a list of highly relevant keywords that balances both popularity and competition.
  • Measure your rankings - By professional and reliable tools, we will determine your current position in search engines and help you improve your position based on the list of relevant keywords. Likewise, we will assist you in getting experiences from your competitors and define your potential partners from whom you can get the inbound links in the future.
  • Web design and development - You might have chosen the best keywords and checked your web rank continuously and never get anywhere. Web development and optimisation are the heart and soul of search engine marketing. This is the part that all the differences in your ability will compete effectively. Web design attracts visitors to your website and  optimisation simply means giving the search engines what they want to see.
  • Content is king - we will put your contents into your site. Here may have an issue, you may not get the ranking you want because your site text may miss the terms commonly searched-upon by users in the search engines. However, if you write your text with keywords and forget your visitors' needs, you will be considered as a spammer and get penalised from the engines. This is our profession, we will work out your genuine content pages and include key terms which appeal to search engines.
  • Inbound links and sitemap - After defining your potential partners in the second step, we will suggest reliable and effective ones and we will assist you in submitting inbound links from their websites under your agreement. This will help you introduce your website to the public from major directories that are recognised by search engines. We will also create and submit XML sitemap to search engines.
  • Traffic and Revenue Tracking - Your investment in SEO website pays off under the form of increasing traffic and sales month by month. liteVision will provide you effective tools to track the significant results.
  • Follow up and fine-tuning - You cannot say that you are successful if your do not know where you were yesterday and where you are today. It's important to measure your rankings at least monthly. Re-optimise any pages that drop in rank, and then re-submit. After that, just sit back and smile as you watch all the visitors flooding month after month into your website.

liteVision is more than happy to assist you in enhancing your website for search engine. Please click here for more details.

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